Sunday, May 10, 2009

Visit to Ohio

Ok, I'm going to attempt to end my blogging break. Not that life is any less busy, but I do miss my blogging and my fellow bloggers. :) I'm currently sitting at Panera on a beautiful Sunday evening with full intentions of working some extra hours. computer won't connect to my company's network. And I cannot do anything without the network. So...I figured as long as I'm sitting here with a chai tea and my computer, I might as well write a blog post. :) (Did you know that the letters of "post" also spell "spot"? I just accidentally typed "spot." It was very curious.)

Here are some way overdue pictures of my visit to Ohio to see my ONU (Ohio Northern University) girls. It was such a great time!

Friday night we went to Cheesecake Factory,
and my legs started aching. (An issue I've had since
I was a child.) I asked if anyone had any ibuprofen,
and Ashley pulled an entire first aid kit out of her purse.
It was pretty awesome.

Michelle and Jaclyn

Me and Ashley

Saturday we went to the Columbus Zoo.
I hadn't been to a zoo in years, and for some reason
I enjoyed it a lot more than I did when I was a child.
Animals are just so cool!!

sea otter

The biggest bats ever.

This lion was absolutely gorgeous. It was probably my favorite in the zoo.

Sea horses!! This might sound crazy, but I forgot sea horses were real. Like in my mind, they were equivalent to unicorns. You can imagine my surprise when I found a tank holding an entire family of them. I was pretty much completely awe-struck.

This is what a sting ray's mouth looks like.

We were in an open area with these kangaroos.
I wish one would have come over so I could pet it.

Sunday we went to church. :)

It really was a great girl-filled weekend. I wish I could have more like it!
Love you girls!

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