Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Krewson Lee: 6-Year-Old Interview

And just like that, he's six years old.

Trying to keep up with my yearly tradition, two days ago I did an interview of Krew to capture him as a just-turned 6-year-old. I love this little guy and his quirky personality. I've also included the videos below from when he turned 4 and 5, so you can see how he's grown over the years if you'd like. :) [I watched both videos, and age 4, whew. God bless my soul two years ago. He was the king of manipulation and trying to control the conversation. Glad we've matured past that. :)]

We had a Lego birthday party at our house for him on his birthday this year. It was slightly crazy, but we made it through. We invited his transitional kindergarten class, and to our surprise, almost everyone from the class decided to come. Then we had his friends from outside school, and before we knew it we ended up with 19 kids plus some parents running around our house for two hours. Chaos? Yes, indeed. But he had fun and felt loved and that's what we were aiming for, so I call that a major success. :)

I'm hoping to do another post on him soon to write about the kind of kid he is these days. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

And finally, below is this year's interview and the interviews from years past. Enjoy. :)

Age 6:

Age 5:

Age 4: