Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MISSING: Kitchen Plates

If you happen to see our kitchen plates, my coffee grinder, or our cutting boards, would you please send them our way?

Yes that's right...we're missing all of our kitchen plates from the move. Every last one of them. Eight large, eight small, and four square. Eating everything out of bowls has been quite interesting. And not having my coffee grinder? Don't even get me started. All I have at the apartment is whole beans, so I've been forced to choose between the stale-tasting coffee at work or hot tea in the mornings. And yes I realize I could go buy pre-ground coffee, but that requires another trip to the store and another 8 bucks out of my pocket, and I just haven't convinced myself to go yet. So for now, I will complain to you via my blog post. :)

Still no news on when they're starting to build our house. I'm getting quite anxious for things to get rolling. :)

Hubby and the moving truck back on May 1st

You can see who's the optimist in our relationship.
(Hehe, just kidding hunny.)


  1. That's weird that your missing all your dishes! Were they in a different vehicle?

  2. Well we're hoping they're in a box that got thrown into storage. That's our prayer. They're our new dishes from our wedding. :(