Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do you see what I see??

Since Dave and I moved to the apartment, we are now super duper close to my friend Kristin, who I work with. Although we work different hours (I'm typically 8-4, she's 9:30-5:30), on Wednesdays we do a Bible study together in the morning at Starbucks. This means that on Wednesdays I tend to work her hours, instead, giving us the opportunity to drive together and save on gas (every 10 days = 10%!).

So yesterday we drove together, and I asked her if we could stop by the site of our new house on the way home. She, of course, said yes.

At first when we pulled up, nothing looked different. But then I looked closer, and...sure enough....I saw something.


(I drew arrows to a few of them to help you out.)

Isn't that so exciting?? I know it's not much...but it means that the building is finally in progress. Our new house has finally begun. :)


  1. That is exciting! When is your house supposed to be done?

  2. Hey Kara! Yes, the pink flags ARE exciting, because it's one step closer to your goal. If you ever need to vent, or need someone to be super excited with you for all the little things, let me know. Since I am going through this process myself, I totally understand!

  3. Hey Callie, I think it's supposed to be done sometime in August. They build them quick (thankfully!).