Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ah Children

Today, in an attempt to cheer me up from some of the sadness I'm feeling, my mom sent me two little stories about my guardianship brothers Marc and Hal, who are both almost 11 years old (they are twins). (If you don't know why I'm sad and want to know, please ask me outside the blog. I don't feel like writing about it in here. ) I just had to share these little stories because I literally laughed out loud when I read them. If you know Marc and Hal, you will likely find these stories funny, also.

These are my mom's words, copied directly from her email.

"Here is a funny little piece of information. Hal started picking his nose in church Sunday. When I told him to stop because you don't do that in public, he responded, " Mom, I'm not EATING them!" Well, I guess that made it OK or something, I am not sure what. I really had to hold in my laugh.

Here is another. Leo schools have a "Life is Good" campaign going, letting kids know that there are ups and downs in life, but overall life is good. Marc came home with a green plastic "Life is Good" bracelet. He nonchalantly said, "We are doing this thing at school so we don't go out and commit suicide." Nothing like telling it like it is.

Marc (blonde) and Hal (redhead) are the two shortest ones. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Give Me Your Eyes

When I walk through malls, airports, parking lots...I oftentimes try to look at the people around me with softened eyes...I wonder what they're going through, what pain they're feeling today...whether they know Jesus...whether they want to know Him.

Sam sent me the song "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath today, and it struck a note in my heart I cannot explain. I listened to it over and over. I closed my eyes and felt the song to a depth so deep. I had visions of people going through my head as I listened to the words, and thought, wow, I need to pray this song to God every day.

Then I looked the song up on You Tube, and the video was absolutely amazing. It gave me chills. The video is exactly what I envisioned it would be. People in an airport, all looking as they always look to me...and then Brandon Heath singing, closing his eyes and gripping his hands in fists and holding his heart just as I want to so many times, and how I wanted to when I listened to his song. I could read in his body language exactly what the lyrics and tune stirred in my own soul.

I just had to share this song and what I experienced through it. Watching the video brings tears to my eyes. God touches us all in amazing and different ways. It is my hope that someone else who reads this blog will be touched as I was.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Music & Middelberg-Brown Wedding

OK, first I want to share the names of the three new CDs I just got, all of which I really really like. They are all completely different types of music, so you can take your pick as to which you might like. Or, if you're anything similar to me, and you enjoy all types of music, you might enjoy all three.

First is Relient K - The Bird and the Bee Sides

It's a Christian punk/alternative CD...and it is actually a compilation of two CDs, so you get 26 great songs. What could be better than that?

Second is Mark Roach - Every Reason Why

This is a soothing praise CD...very beautiful music, with the main instrument being guitar. The kind of music that makes you want to close your eyes and just soak in the melody and the words.

Third is Group 1 Crew - Ordinary Dreamers

This is for all you lovers of rap/r&b music. It's a mix of loud beats, nice bass lines, rapping, and melody. I love it. I bump in my car with the windows down and I'm sure everyone thinks I'm listening to G105. (The local "hit music" station.) Haha I got 'em all fooled...I'm praising God!!! Hee hee.

Beyond getting three new CDs, the other recent events in my life include being a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my best friends, Ashley, and her now-husband (and boyfriend of SEVEN years!!!), Dave. It was a very nice wedding, lots of yummy food at the reception and TONS of sweets. (You can always count on Ashley for lots of good yummies...she LOVES sugar, especially cookies and brownies, haha.) It was SOOOO wonderful to spend time with my ONU girls. I miss them a lot!! I've posted some pictures below.

This is Ashley and me the night of her bachelorette party.

ONU roomies '03-'05!!! Jaclyn, me, Ashley, Lisa

Dancing like crazy ladies.
Ashley, me, Jaclyn, Michelle

Jaclyn, me, and Michelle
Still dancing. I danced so much that I couldn't walk normally for 3 days afterwards because my calves were all cramped up. Yeah, I'm crazy like that.

All sweaty after dancing all night.
Michelle, Jaclyn, and me

Oh, and the actual answer to my personality color will be coming soon. And, so far, my dad is DEFINITELY the winner of the "best answer" contest. (Oh, you didn't know there was such a contest? Me either. But once I read my dad's answer, I had to institute it.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Red, Green, Blue, or Yellow?

So I took a personality test today at work. Among many things, it described my prominent actual (underlying) personality and then how I adjust my personality for work.

I'm curious as to which of the personalities people actually think I am. I am actually a mix of more than one, but one was definitely the winner. So comment me back and tell me which of the following you think is most like me. After I get some responses, I'll tell you the real answer. :)

Here are the possible personality types:

Focused on getting results, being in control, and solving problems. Self-confident, decisive, and candid (which may be taken as criticism). Difficulty tolerating mediocre results. More interested in results than people, authoritative, and sometimes aggressive. Acts on environment rather than reacting to it. Must be in control or challenged. Will delegate responsibility but not authority. Comes across to others more strongly than realized. Outspoken, direct, interested in big picture but not details, and ready to take action. (Bottom line: Wants things done simply, quickly, and correctly without worrying about people-pleasing.)

Focus is on people. Outgoing, friendly, cheerful, and talkative. Likes to build organization and is team-oriented. Can influence others. Likes to accomplish things through people, is a natural delegator of both details and authority. Encourages teamwork, group discussion, and group decisions. Empathetic and intuitive. Concerned with how others respond, good at putting people at ease. Sixth sense of what people like to hear. Naturally optimistic, the life of the party, and likes to be noticed. (Bottom line: Likes to be around people and work with people to get things accomplished.)

Focus is on timing, harmony, and cooperation. Appears cool, calm, and collected under pressure. Stable and emotionally adjusted. Rolls with the punches and is inclined to turn the other cheek at confrontation (it stresses them out). Persistent, cooperative, reliable. Most effective in environment free from chaos and frequent interruptions. Evenly paced, gets work done on schedule, needs to know deadlines and schedules. Appears slow to start on projects (by those who are impatient) in order to get in a rhythm of work. Warm and friendly, approach things methodically. (Bottom line: Wants everyone to be happy and calm. Works at a steady pace to get things done, preferably within an organized schedule and a peaceful environment.)

Focus is on doing right and being right. Hates to make mistakes. Naturally good organizer who is careful, accurate, and precise. Will double check self and others. Does not easily delegate to others. Thorough and skillful with facts and figures. Good with details and can be meticulous (perfectionist). Appreciates knowing the rules and expectations. Believes in right way and wrong way. An itemizer (list maker). Gathers many facts before making a decision. Actively resists change unless reasons are explained and valid. Does not like cricism but is often self-critical. Often displays conservative behavior. (Bottom line: detail oriented, perfectionist, wants everything done the correct way. Dislikes mistakes, prefers organization, and does not like to delegate responsibility.)

So...which do you think I am???