Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dissolve Your Cares

Praying Hands on Bible - Black and White

I just read the poem "Daily Prayers Dissolve Your Cares" by Helen Steiner Rice. I really loved it, so I wanted to share a snippet. It's such a good reminder of Who I should be leaning on in this daily thing called life.

I meet God in the morning
And go with Him through the day,
Then in the stillness of the night
Before sleep comes I pray

That God will just take over
All the problems I couldn't solve
And in the peacefulness of sleep
My cares will all dissolve,

So when I open up my eyes
To greet another day
I'll find myself renewed in strength
And there'll open up a way
To meet what seemed impossi
For me to solve alone
And once again I'll be assured
I am never on my own...

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