Monday, May 18, 2009

House colors

Happy Monday everyone!!

I just realized recently that I never shared the colors that Dave and I picked out for our house. Now first realize, we didn't have a very large color palette to choose from. The neighborhood had a collection of preplanned color schemes, and we had to choose one of those. (Although we were given special permission to deviate a little with the color of stone we chose, because Dave really liked a certain stone.)

Nevertheless, here are the results:

As you've seen before, this is the front elevation.

The picture on the left shows the color of the siding and stone we've chosen.
The darker siding in the top picture (surrounding the little middle window
on the second floor) will be something close to this green color.
(I tried to match it as well as I could using Microsoft Paint.)

The garage and trim will be white, and the shutters and door will be black.
We will also have glass in the middle of the front door.

Now I wish they'd just start building!! Hopefully this week is the week!! :)

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  1. I like glass on front doors. The colors look great! So exciting. I've never lived in a house with shutters. (side comment)