Friday, May 15, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 5.15.09

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone has been doing well. I missed out on Company Girls again last week...between being sick, moving, and being overwhelmed at work, I had little time for blogging.

Sadly, I haven't been doing any of the small things. :( Maybe June will be my month. It's just hard to do extra things when I still have boxes I need to unpack!

I guess the big events of this week would be that yesterday was my 26th birthday and that our house finally got approved to start being built. (I'm pretty excited about that. :) ) A few pictures from my birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory are below:

Special plate of cheesecake

me and Dave

Clockwise from left: me, Dave, Kristin, Debbie, Brian, Kelly, Lael

Sion, Emily, and me

Lael and Ashley
(Ashley took all the other pics, so we had to
get her in one, too. :) )

So how about some Bible trivia?

From two weeks ago:

How many books of the Bible did the Apostle Paul write?
Answer: 14. Over half of the New Testament.

This week's trivia:
True or False: In the book of Esther, God is mentioned zero times.

Hope everyone has a splendid weekend!
God bless,


  1. Well, I missed most of coffee time with the girls the last couple of weeks...argh. Happy Birthday!! Love the cheesecake factory...waaaay too much food but so good. I hope this will be a great year for you...and with your new house on the horizon, I'm sure it will be.

    Your house is going to be beautiful! I like the elevation, very inviting! I can imagine that you will have fun picking colors/carpet etc, knowing your love of decorating and creating!!

    I actually DO know the answer to the trivia this time, but won't give it away since I'm the FIRST commenter today! (stealing a moment before work...)

  2. Happy Birthday! Your cheesecake looks lovely, and it appears that everyone had a wonderful time celebrating with you. Here's to many, many more.

    Congratulations on the approval to build! May your home not only be built with timber and nails, but supported by the love and friendship of those who visit and share life with you within those walls!

  3. trivia - TRUE, true true true!

  4. Happy Birthday! That cheesecake looks delicious!

  5. Thanks for the coffee! Don't you just LOVE Cheesecake Factory?!! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. Can't wait to see and hear more about your your new home!

  6. True! (on the Esther question).

    I just finished reading a great book on the book of Esther called Finding Favor with the King by Tommy Tenney.

    Happy Coffee time!!


  7. What a blessing to have your house so early in your marriage. We are a military family and oh how I've dreamed of what our home will finally look like one of these days, until then I use government housing to make my: "Well I'm not going to do it that way" list, lol. Can't wait to see pictures and your decorating. That is the most fun part of moving for me, making curtains and finding all those "just the right" thing for each room. Happy Birthday!!!!

  8. Happy belated 26th birthday!!

    I haven't been to the Cheesecake Factory in a long time.

    Thanks for coming over to see the baby. We're doing well.

  9. Happy belated birthday Kara! Mmmmm! Cheesecake Factory! You all look so young! LOL! Not that I'm OLD, it just feels that way sometimes! :)

    Don't sweat it about the small things! You keep working on those boxes and your home sanctuary will be what you make it in the meantime. (Boxes and all!)

    I'm glad you make time for coffee though! Even though it's already Sunday, I am happy to stop in and say hello!

    Have a great upcoming week!

  10. What a special way to celebrate your birthday and the promise of a new house! How Exciting!