Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Dave and I are so excited that we're going to have a yard for our pups to run in. Of course, before the yard will be of any use, it will have to be fenced in. (I'm not planning on standing in the yard with them every time they want to go outside like I had to do in the townhome.)

The neighborhood currently mandates that we have wrought-iron-looking fencing. This may change in the future, but I'm honestly pretty excited about the rule because I love that kind of fencing.

The negative aspect is (of course) the price. We're going to have to save up a chunk of money to pay for it. Even though they've come out with fake wrought iron fencing, it's still not the cheapest stuff ever.

Dave found the following, which we may look into:

It's from Duraforce Aluminum Fencing, and it's supposedly available either in stock or through special order from Lowe's. You can also get the following versions:

In order from left: Ireland, Gage, Hudson, Brooklyn. (Top picture is Isley.)

If we did get this, my main concern is whether or not the pups could get through the pickets. I think tonight Dave and I are going to do our best to hold a door open 3 & 16/18 inches and see if the dogs can squeeze through for a treat. (Thanks for the idea, Kristin. :) ) If they can get through, we're going to have to pay more for a fence with puppy-size holes. Yay.

What do you think? Which fence do you like best? I think I'm digging the Hudson.
Or do you know of any other places where we could get good pricing??


  1. The fence will look great! I like the hudson, I think that would look nice!

  2. For some reason I was envisioning wood. I love the iron! I agree, I like the Hudson(was that it? The H one) and the Ireland. How did the test with the puppies go?

  3. Thanks for checking out the bad hair day plant on our blog :-)

    They may just be pink flags, but it's one more step towards your house being built :-)

    My favourite fence styles are Gage and Isley :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies