Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The "Must-Haves" Baby Registry List - My Additions

Ok so I previously posted my thoughts on the Babies 'R Us “Must-Haves” Registry Checklist.  I thought that it would now be appropriate for to share some items that weren't on the list (how could a list that long not have all the essentials???) that I think you should have.

1. A baby motion/breathing monitor.  I did mention this in the past post, but I want to reiterate here.  I loved having this monitor.  We have Angel brand.  It goes under the baby mattress, and if it senses that your baby has stopped breathing for more than 30 seconds, it sounds an alarm.  We had very few false alarms, so this thing was a major peace-keeper for me.  Once Krew started crawling around a lot in his sleep about two months ago, we got more false alarms (due to him moving outside the motion range), so we stopped using it.  But up until that boy, it was one of my favorite baby items.

2. Baby books.  It's so great to sit and read a book to your child.  Even before they understand what's going on.

3. A noise maker.  We have used a noise maker nightly since Krew was born.  If we travel overnight, it goes where we go.  It soothes him and drowns out the outside noise so he can sleep well.  We got it for 5 bucks at a consignment sale.

4. A water bottle.  If you are nursing, you will be thirsty all the time.  A water bottle will become your best friend.  You'll find yourself nursing in random places you didn't expect to be, dying of thirst, and there your bottle water will be.  God bless the water bottle.

5. A camera.  You will want to take pictures.  Lots of pictures.  Make sure you have a camera ready.  Dave and I splurged and got a DSLR (Canon Rebel XTi) when we knew we were planning on having kids, primarily for this purpose.  It has taken thousands of pictures of Krew already and was so worth the money for the quality of the images.

6. A mirror for in the car.  I really like having a mirror on the headrest behind Krew's car seat, that way I can see his face without turning around while driving.

7. Antibacterial wipes.  Such as Wet Ones.  I've used them constantly.  On baby hands, pacifiers, toys that fall on the floor, table tops, etc.

8. Baby sunscreen.  For the warmer months.  I use Baby Blanket sunscreen and I love it.  It was recommended by my dermatologist.

9. Little baggies to hold dirty diapers and soiled clothes.  You can find baby baggy holders and refill bags in almost any store in the baby section (including Target and Walmart).  These are SO helpful when you're out and about and find yourself with messy pee- or poop-covered clothes or a smelly diaper with no nearby trashcan.

10. Bumbo seat.  I loved having a Bumbo seat for Krew.  It allowed him to sit up before he could do it on his own, and then by using a tray that attaches to it, he was able to play with toys in front of him.  We also used it for feeding him at first, until he grew into his high chair a bit more.

11. Changing mat.  I mentioned this in the original post with diaper bags, but I find a changing mat to be extremely important.  It's a mat, made of fabric or vinyl usually, that you place under your baby while you're changing him.  It keeps germs off of him and his dirty butt off of whatever he is laying on.

12.  Pacifier holder.  The pacifier was one thing that I especially wanted to stay germ-free, particularly when Krew was still a newborn.  Having a pacifier holder was extremely helpful, because I knew the paci was safe and out of germs' way.  It also clipped onto his diaper bag strap so the pacifier was always within quick reach.

13. Crib mirror.  Krew loved his crib mirror.  He would lay there and stare and babble at himself for forever.  Sometimes he'd even do a little dance.  I'm so glad we had one of these.

14. Swaddle cloths.  Some babies don't like being swaddled, but it's highly recommended and really seems to help keep babies calm.  That is, if you can do it correctly.  Enter the swaddle cloths.  These things are great.  They wrap around your child and velcro to themselves, so the baby is all snug and you don't have to worry about the fabric coming loose.  (In other words, no risk of baby waking from lack of swaddle, and no risk of suffocation hazard.)

That's all I can think of for now.  I will add more if anything comes to mind.   Keep in mind that every baby and every mom is different, so what I've recommended may not be ideal for you and your baby. I'd also recommend checking out the Rookie Moms Registry List - I didn't read it very thoroughly, but it looks like it has some good stuff on it. :)


  1. Another helpful post! Thanks Kara. :-)

  2. Greats lists!! Norm made so many BRS runs when Melody was was insane.