Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Did everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend? We spent nearly the whole weekend outdoors. Dave played in a recreational coed ultimate frisbee tournament with a bunch of our friends. I stood on the sidelines and cheered him on with the other non-frisbee significant others. (Sports just aren't my thing. :) ) His team did great...in fact, they won the tournament!! (Go team Joey!!!)

Dave and Brian were accidental twins.

Necessities for the dogs: an umbrella, water, and rawhides.

Ashley is going to be a crazy camera mom.

Maggie found her shade.

Corrie Moore...Tara and Mike's new baby girl. Sooo adorable.

me and Kristin

Rogan tried to sneak to the Tostitos through Kristin's legs.

One of the great thing about frisbee tournaments is letting the dogs off
the leash between and after games. They love running free. And then
they come back to you with random things like rotting apples. Rogan
was very proud of her apple.

Every time I looked over, Ashley was taking pictures.

Watching from the sidelines.

Team Joey, the end of day one.

Day two begins. Me, Ashley, and Lael, with sno cones to help
beat the crazy heat.

me and my hunny

Look at the crazy amount of stuff people drag to the fields.

Planning their winning moves.

Dave did some exciting things during the games.
These pictures are not it.

Kudzu 2009 Champions!!!!

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  1. Looks like fun! I'm with ya on the sidelines - I'm just into playing sports that much. Not that coordinated - more of an outdoors-by-yourself-sports kind of girl, like hiking or fishing. But hey, I'll watch other people play team sports!