Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life Update, May 14th 2008

Well, today I am a quarter-century old. Pretty crazy. I've had tons of "Happy Birthday"s from numerous people already, so thanks so much to all of you who remembered (or took the time to mention it after Facebook or MySpace reminded you :) ).

If you didn't remember, don't feel bad. When I woke up this morning, I forgot it was my birthday. Pretty crazy, huh? I guess that's what the combination of getting old and freaking out over your wedding-in-a-month will do to you.

Wedding plans are coming along. I have a massive to-do list. Lots of little details for a wedding that you either forget about or don't realize exist until you're planning one yourself. Thankfully I have a wonderful fiance who is willing to help out with whatever he can.

Last night we had our third premarital counseling session, which went very well. Dave and I took a FOCUS test, which apparently tells us how compatible and prepared for marriage we are. We scored very high, and while we were discussing our answers, Mike Williams (who is the singles pastor at our church and is leading our counseling) started laughing and told us we already sound like an old married couple. I took that as a compliment and as reassurance that our relationship is ready for the big jump into marriage. :)

Dave and I have adopted 8 new pets within the last two weeks. We now have 4 fire-bellied newts, 3 red-eyed tree frogs (like the one above), and a beta fish. The red-eyed tree frogs are just babies, about the size of a penny, and they are adorable. It's been quite exciting (and slightly overwhelming) trying to take care of all of them through these first couple weeks. Dave and I had no idea that nearly all the food in the petstores around here is much too big for the baby tree frogs. Additionally, each animal requires a different and somewhat difficult-to-maintain habitat. I don't think we quite realized what we were getting into. Still, it's worth it because they're so fun to have. :) Maggie has been slightly jealous over the attention diverted away from her, so we usually attempt to pet and play with her while we're watching the amphs. (Amphs is my new abbreviation for amphibians.) We haven't officially named any of them except the beta fish (who yes, I realize, isn't an amph), whose name is Alabaster, Alby for short. Pictures will be coming soon, as soon as I find the time to squeeze "put pictures online" onto my to-do list.

Next week I have my three-month review at my new job. It's going really well, and I like it here. I have a nice combination of challenging work and freedom to work on it how I want. The people here are very's a very friendly atmosphere. :) AND they gave me free plants (like the ones above) that OBVIOUSLY won me over.

Alrighty I guess that's all for now. I hope everyone is doing wonderfully. Some pictures will be coming soon.
God bless!