Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Witto Boy Outside

Dear Witto Boy,

We've had a lot of nice evenings lately, and it's been so wonderful. Because boy oh boy do you love being outside.

You love to climb through the mulch and bushes, and stare down the neighbors who live behind us.

You love to run, run, run in circles and yell, "KREW RUNNING!!!"

Usually at some point while you're outside, you take off your shoes. You always seem happier without them, even when you're running through the itchy grass or stepping in the rough mulch.

You enjoy doing all kinds of cute little boy things, like playing with your dump truck, filling it with grass, dumping it out, and starting all over again.

Tonight you even decided you wanted to find a way to ride your dump truck.

You also pulled every leaf off a dead branch with great focus and determination.

Every time you're outside for long in the heat, even if it's only warm, your cheeks turn bright red like they're burnt. It's fooled me into thinking you were sunburnt when you weren't more than once.

Little Crouton, I love following you around outside, watching your little mind and body work. I hope you never lose your love for the outside, because your momma here sure loves it too. I'd rather be outside trimming bushes and mowing grass than doing dishes anyday. You are so fascinating to me!  I cannot wait to watch you grow in the days, months, and years to come.

And by the way, I think you're the most adorable thing ever. :)

Your Momma


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