Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Miss It

Life's been so crazy, I haven't spent time editing pictures for months and months. During that time I also haven't practiced taking photographic shots (vs just snapshots of our lives - which are even more important for memories, but not as great for developing my photography skills). And I miss it.

Last night I finally sat down and edited for a little bit. And quickly discovered I've lost my groove and don't remember half of my tricks. I don't remember the photoshop actions I like to use. I don't remember the steps I used to take.

Gotta be honest, it bums me out.

But it's alright. I can relearn. I'm feeling an itch to get back into it, and with a new baby on the way I think now is the time. I need to refresh my skills so I can take some nice newborn shots. Not to mention I have the perfect little guy to practice on right now.

See, who can resist taking pictures of that face?

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