Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

It was a busy weekend - but one that I truly enjoyed because it was filled with lots of quality time with people I love. :)

Friday was playgroup with friends, family dinner at Pei Wei (buy one get one free!), followed up by a free Blockbuster Express rental with the hubby (gotta love those free rental codes!).

Saturday morning was the SPCA Dog Walk in downtown Raleigh, which I participated in with my coworker/friend Maggie. It was a really neat experience. My pups had never been around so many unfamiliar dogs at once (there were supposedly about a thousand there, all walking around within about one square block) and for a bit I was worried they might both die from heart attacks because they were so excited. Eventually I think they just became overstimulated and from that point on just walked around in a calm state of shock. :) But no really, I think they had fun. I know I did.

The rest of Saturday was filled with another free Blockbuster Express rental with the hubby, some housework, dinner with friends at our house, and crafting of growth charts to hang on the wall for Krew and the new baby. (I'll have to show pictures later!) Today was lots of quality time with Dave and Krew - lunch at Qdoba (buy one get one free again...we really scored this weekend), shopping at Lowe's and Kid to Kid (where we snagged Krew some awesome Adidas sneakers), planting of our summer garden, a little organizing in the garage, moving the crib out of Krew's room (it's all "big boy" now!), and painting of a few items for the "big boy" room. (I'll have to do a "reveal" of the room when it's all done.) Oh, I finished off the already-jam-packed weekend with a trip to Target where I stocked up on groceries and found an awesome gray fabric ottoman/stool thing marked down from $49.99 to $14.99.

And that, my friends, was my weekend. Very busy and fun filled.

How was yours?? :)

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