Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Krew Eat Toes

Dear Krewson,

You are turning into such a funny, quirky little boy.  My favorite story from this past week took place in the car while we were driving back from Charlotte on Easter morning.  We were just driving along, your Daddy and I chatting in the front seats, when we heard you say, "Mmmmmmmm YUMMY!!"  We turned around to see what was so yummy, and lo and behold, you were happily chilling in your car seat, sucking on the big toe of your left foot.

After gaining control of the giggles bubbling up inside me, I said, "No, honey, we don't suck on our toes.  Please don't suck on your toes."

You replied, "Yummy!!"

I answered, "No, honey, we don't eat our toes.  Those are germy.  They will make us sick."

"No sick!!" you replied.

"Yes, sick," I answered.  "Do not eat your toes."

There was silence, then a little whimper and whine.  "Krew sad."

"Is Krew sad?" I asked.

"Wes," you replied.  "Krew sad.  Krew eat toes.  Krew sad.  Krew eat toes."

"No, sorry Krew, but we don't eat our toes.  I'm sorry that makes you sad."

"Krew sad.  Krew eat toes."

And for the next five minutes, you proceeded to tell your daddy and me over and over again how sad you were that you couldn't eat your toes.  But you were such a well-behaved boy.  You didn't put them in your mouth again.  I was very impressed.  You did inform us many, many times, however, how sad the situation made you.  I know it was slightly devastating in your barely-two-year-old world.

Oh, how I can't wait to see all the other ways you'll make us smile in the days, months, and years to come. :)

Love you Witto Boy.

- Your Momma


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  1. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. :p Poor kiddo!