Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kara Tidbits

We all have our quirks or random bits of info about ourselves that others may not know.  I thought today would be a good day to share a few of mine.  So here ya go:

* I like hollow ice cubes.  Especially in a cup of Caffeine Free Diet coke. *


* I have a whole shelf of Starbucks mugs at work, and I'm always adding to my collection.  Having a choice from numerous Starbucks mugs for my daily tea and coffee always brightens my mood. *


* I use and reuse one tea bag several times, sometimes all day long at work. *

* I love the colors turquoise and red placed together. * 


* I'm a biostatistician.  And I don't do math or look at numbers all day long, contrary to popular belief. *

* I love bass. Not the kind of bass that sounds all muffled and drowns out the acoustics.  But nice, sharp, deep bass.  I like to turn up the music and let my windows down. And I bet no one even notices that I'm usually glorifying God with Christian music that sounds strikingly similar to the most popular songs today.  (Didn't know that kind of music existed?  It does.  Check it: Group 1 Crew, Brandon Heath, Lecrae, The Afters, Fireflight, the list goes on...) *

* I live a never-ending struggle with perfectionism.  But I've come a long way. *


* I'm slowly learning to let go of worrying about what other people think. *

* I bite my nails.  (Yeah, I've been slacking on the Nibble No More. Come on people, where's my accountability support??) *

* I LOVE to sing.  Unfortunately I don't have the strongest voice ever.  I can sing on tune, but my voice is very quiet. *


* I broke my nose in high school when I got elbowed in soccer practice.  I had to have surgery to fix it because I could barely breathe out of my left nostril due to the damage. *

* Every spring I search for a new toe ring and a new ankle bracelet to wear through the summer.  I feel naked without them when I'm wearing shorts. *

Now it's your turn.  Tell me one random tidbit about yourself. :)

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