Thursday, March 3, 2011

Babyhood: Week 51

Babyhood through the eyes of Krewson...

Week 51 (February 18th through February 24th)

*I still love outside and the dirt.  In fact, my love has probably just grown stronger with time.  I could spend all day outdoors.  My favorite thing to do is to sit in the garden and swish dirt all around with my hands and throw it down in clumps and yell "Yaich!"
*I stood up without pulling up this week.  Ya know, from a squat position, up I went.  Daddy got to see, but not Mommy.  Mommy has bad timing and misses lots of my milestones.  She's just like that.
*Friday Mommy and I went to Duke University to participate in another language acquisition study.  It was pretty cool.  I got a free t-shirt, which is always fun.
*Saturday was Daddy's birthday, and we celebrated with some friends by going to Bonefish Grill for dinner and then eating ice cream and brownies at our house afterward.  The ice cream was from NC State's dairy, and from what I heard it was delicious.  (I didn't get a bite.  Grrrr.)
*I learned how to blow my nose this week.  Mommy holds the tissue up to my nose and says, "Blow!" and I blow a puff of air out of my mouth.  It works great and it makes Mommy smile.
*On Sunday evening I took my first step.  It was just a wee little one, and I sat down right afterwards, but it was a step nonetheless.  Mommy actually got to see it, too, so she was very excited.
*Then, to make Mommy even more excited, I took four steps in a row on Thursday when she came to pick me up from daycare.  I guess that was my first time officially walking.  It was pretty fun.  I think I might keep trying it. :)
*On Thursday I also got my first official in-salon haircut.  Mommy's hair lady, Lauren, cut my hair and made it look super pretty.  I'm very glad.  I like looking nice.

Back outside!
I love dirt!!!

Playing with Corrie during Daddy's birthday celebration...

Yup, back in the dirt.


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