Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to pray for "enemies"?

Yesterday I found myself in a situation where I felt called to pray for an "enemy." But as I went to pray, I found that I had no idea what to pray for.  I didn't want to pray for that person to realize that he/she was wrong...because that seemed like a selfish prayer. Likewise, praying for that person to think more rationally, be nicer, etc. also all seemed selfish.  I don't know much about this person's personal life, so I couldn't pray for anything specific there.  So I found myself praying that this person would know Jesus...but then isn't that also making the assumption that the mentioned person doesn't know Jesus?  And isn't that judging where I'm not fit to judge?

Any thoughts?  Any scripture references?  I know we're supposed to pray for our enemies, but how do we do that??

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