Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pokemon for Japan

My friend Jason (my wonderful friend Casey's husband), was given money by his church that he was instructed to multiply for a good cause like in the parable of the talents.

What did he do with his money?

He purchased Pokémon games.  And this weekend he and four others are working together to play a Pokémon marathon.  Veiwers can watch them online, and in return they are asking for donations, the proceeds of which will all go to Japan through MercyCorps.


So check it out!  The five guys are playing through five Pokémon games, and Jason is playing game #4, which should be this afternoon through tonight.  You can even hear each guy as he is playing and chat with him while he plays.  So funny but so cool.

You can watch here:

And donate here:
(There is also a place to donate on the webpage above, just below the chat window.)

Please donate even a couple dollars if you can! Thanks so much!

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