Monday, March 14, 2011

Babyhood: Week 52

Babyhood through the eyes of Krewson...

Here's what happened during the last week of the first year of my life!!  Sorry I'm running a bit behind.  But better late than never, right??

Week 52 (February 25th through March 4th)

*On Saturday night the 26th, Mommy and Daddy had me dedicated to the Lord at church.  It was a neat event.  I even got my name and picture up on the big screen and the pastor prayed for me and lots of other babies.  It was super nice.
*I'm getting into everything these days.  I like to pull all the items out of the dishwasher as Mommy and Daddy load it.  First I pull out my colored spoons, then I pull out the rest of the silverware.  Sometimes I try to climb into the dishwasher, but Daddy and Mommy always say 'no' and make me stay beside of it instead of in it.
*I'm getting a bit sturdier on my feet, but I'm still sticking to just a few steps here and there.  Crawling gets me where I want to go waaaaaaay faster, so what's the point in walking?
*This week I started hating baths.  Like really really hating baths.  I just don't like water getting on my face one bit.  I also don't like bath visors, at least not the one Mommy bought.  I know it keeps the water out of my face, but it's scary.  Baths are just a bit traumatic right now no matter what.
*I don't like having my face and hands wiped after meals anymore.  I mean, it was never fun, but lately I've decided it's most appropriate to throw a screaming fit every time Mommy tries to clean me up.  I also grab her wrist with both of my hands (the messier and more covered in food they are, the better), and scream while I shove her away.  She never seems to get the hint, but I'm going to keep working at it till I get my message across.
*Also, this actually happened after week 52, but I thought I'd tell you all how big I was at my 12-month checkup.  I was 30 inches tall (54th percentile), 21.2 lbs (24th percentile), and my head was 18.5 inches around (66th percentile).

I climbed in all by myself.  

About to climb up the stairs.  Right after Mommy told me "no."

At my dedication.  They had cute decorations on the tables.

They wrapped up a new Bible for me as a present.

The picture on the big screen.  Can you find me?

Me, Daddy, Mommy, Rogan, and Maggie on the big screen.

That's all for this week!
Mommy is going to do a fun post soon, showing all the excitement that happened on my birthday.  So keep checking back in!!

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