Monday, April 27, 2009

No stress

Well I had a wonderful weekend visiting my girlfriends Jaclyn, Ashley, and Michelle in Ohio this past weekend. Pictures coming soon. :)

Of course, coming back to Raleigh meant back to reality. And reality is a little overwhelming right now. Both Dave and I have busy, stressful weeks at work. Tomorrow afternoon we both have to leave work early for our final interior design meeting for the new house. I then have an eye appointment immediately after the design appointment. Thursday we both have to leave work early to close on our townhome with the buyer. We have to be moved out by Sunday night. We were planning on renting a trailer this weekend and hooking it to the back of Dave's jeep to move. Those plans came tumbling down when his jeep broke down in Charlotte this past weekend. We don't know how much it will cost to fix the jeep, or if it will even be worth it. Which leads to additional problems, because we can't increase our income-to-debt ratio until we close on our new home in August. Which means we can't buy a new car unless we can pay in full. Which we can't, because we need all our extra cash for moving costs. So what will Dave be driving for the next 3 months? It's all in God's hands. Luckily, Dave's dad let him borrow his car to drive back to Raleigh from Charlotte, because otherwise he had no way to get home. And now we'll have to rent a U-Haul this weekend. Which puts on a bit more of a time-crunch, because it's more expensive than the trailer, so we want it for as little time as possible. Moving is going to be overwhelming as it is without all these troubles, because we're moving as much stuff as possible to a storage unit and only the bare minum to the apartment we'll be living in. Which means the packing requires a LOT of organization. We also have to move a bunch of stuff from a storage unit near our current townhome to the new storage unit. And did I mention that we haven't packed a single box for our move? Hmmm...stressed? Nah...

I need to remember to keep my eyes on God through all of this. It's hard, though, when my head is just spinning of all that needs to be done and all the decisions that need to be made.

Dear God, please pull my focus toward You...

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