Monday, April 6, 2009


So this morning at about 7:50am I suddenly realized that I was supposed to be at a dermatology appointment at 8:05. It was at least a ten minute trip, and I was standing around with sopping wet hair, no makeup, nothing put together for work, and no jewelry on. I ran around like a mad woman and somehow managed to get there by around 8:10.

Now, like most people, I'm not a big fan of the dermatologist. I mean lay there 90% naked while she scans your body for something she can cut off. Not exactly a soothing, enjoyable experience. And, much to my dismay, she found something. Well, actually, I found it. I have this weird thing that moles suddenly scab up, get really sore, then somewhat fall off and disappear like any scab would. It was just my luck that a mole decided to start doing this within the last couple of days. Part of me was kind of glad it did, because it meant I could get her honest opinion on it. The other part of me was not so happy about it because I assumed that in order to get her honest opinion, she would want to cut it off my arm. My assumptions were correct. She drew a circle around it with a pen and said, "We'll just shave this off." Ehhhhhhh.

My stomach started churning. Luckily I had a mole removed from my stomach two years ago so I knew what to expect. I turned my head away and made a few wimpers about "This gives me the heebie-geebies...ugggghhhh...." The doctor said, "Now, do you pass out?" (Is that supposed to be a normal question??) I responded, "Well, you cut one off my stomach before and I didn't pass out, so I guess not." (Although I probably would have rather been unconscious.) She kind of chuckled. Not overly comforting. I kept my head turned sharply away and tried to think calming thoughts. They numbed me up and I could feel some pressure, but that was it. Then it was done. I glanced over briefly when the nurse stepped away. No blood. Thank goodness.

I left and climbed in my car to head to work. On the way, I could feel my curiosity getting the best of me. The little bandage was just begging me to pull it off and look underneath. So I gave in.

Bad idea.

The sight of the little crater in my arm made my whole body squirm inside. Nausea filled my stomach. "Eeeew eeeeew eeeeew!!!!" Yes, I exlaimed out loud. I couldn't help it. It was just gross. And a lesson had been learned. Don't look at the remnants of chopped-off body parts.

So now I sit at work with a little bandage on my arm and every time I look at it I get nauseous. Sasi, my coworker, says, "So don't look at it." I guess that should be an obvious solution.

The good news is that the dermatologist said she's not really worried about the mole. Apparently, some younger people form white around their moles and then they dissappear, and this is the body's white blood cells killing the mole. She said it is very possible that my body just does it differently, and instead of forming white on the edges, my moles scab. I found that very interesting. I hope that she's right. I'll have to let you know the biopsy results when I hear.

So three things I've learned this morning:
1) On Friday, pay attention to next Monday's schedule
2) Don't look at wounds (however little they are) after the doctor cuts something off
3) I am a wuss.


  1. Ha, this made me laugh! I needed a chuckle today, so thank you. *grin*

  2. Last summer I had a mole removed. They skipped right past the biopsy and cut it out in a football shape. Then they looked at it under the microscope and didn't like the results so I had to go back in for them to surgically removed a 5mm border around it. I have a nice scar now. It's good that you had her check it. I'll pray it's negative.