Monday, April 13, 2009

Interior decorating resources

Dani, one of my wonderful fellow Company Girls, asked me today if I knew of any good websites to help her with redoing her basement. As I was writing an email to her, I thought this information might be helpful to others, too, so here are my suggestions:

First, for gathering ideas for what you want to do, I'd recommend flipping through my list of my blogs for "browsing" in the bottom right corner of my blog. I glance through those regularly...they give me ideas for colors, furniture, decorations, etc. It actually gets quite addicting, haha. The most recent posts are always at the top of the list.

Second, below I have provided a list of the websites I've saved in the past that provide info on remodeling or decorating.

And this site has a ton of free interior design pictures you can look at and use:

Hope this information is helpful. :)

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  1. great resources. I didn't know about the nest so thanks for the link!