Thursday, April 23, 2009

Buzzy Seeds

Yesterday I stopped by Target in search of a new pair of sunglasses. I spent probably twenty minutes trying on different pairs, looking for any that had the combined characteristics of a) fitting my face and b) looking somewhat decent. Fulfilling characteristic a) is much harder than you'd imagine. The bridge of my nose is too small is what I've decided. Sunglasses rarely fit.

Anyways, after trying on about 50 pairs and having little success, I was feeling pretty motion sick and decided to just walk around Target. I hit up the dollar spot, and oh-my-goodness, they had these little kits for planting your own flowers or foods. They're called Buzzy Seeds. Each kit comes with a pot, soil, seeds, and directions. For a buck.

I got pretty excited. I bought seven of them. Basil, chives, oregano, strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, and what Target calls "Sensitive Plant," which is apparently just a little plant that closes up when you touch it. (How cool!)

Since Dave and I are moving in a week and I'm not sure how much sunlight the apartment will have, I've decided to set up garden in my office at work.

Once the plants get 3 inches tall, they need to be moved to a larger pot or planted in a garden. At that point, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them. If we have enough light (and room) in the apartment, I'll put them in larger pots. If not, I may need to pass them on to friends. Sasi (my coworker friend) mentioned that she would take them home for me until we move into our house in August, which would be splendid.

And now you may be asking, why did I plant plants if I have no room for them anywhere? Because they were so darn cute, that's why. I mean look at those little pots. And, they're going to make food for me, too, which is so exciting. (Assuming my usually green thumb maintains its greenness.) I just couldn't resist.

So is anyone else planting anything for the spring season? I really wish I had a garden.


  1. How cool! I might ave to go buy a few - but I tend to kill tings, so we'll see if I can make anything grow.
    Derek and I got married last July - so we've been married for about nine and a half months. When did you guys get married?
    P.S. I tried that Vanilla Rooibus latte today at Starbucks - you were right, it was really good!

  2. Really a $1? Thats awesome! As for the cabinet antiquing glaze it's super easy. I bought my bottle at Lowes in the faux finishes sections. It's made by Valspar and the color is "asphaltum". You just brush it into the grooves and then wipe away with a rag. Wipe more or less depending on how subtle or dramatic you want them to be. The end result looks just like the high end cabinetry.

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