Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dan's Birthday

Ok, I'm a little late on getting these pictures posted, but here are some snapshots from the birthday get-together that Dave planned for his brother, Dan, at our place on April 9th.

This is the scrum-diddily-umpscious cake Dan's mom made for him.
And don't get confused; Dan turned 25, not 26.
I forgot to get candles (again), so the 2 and 6 had to do.
(I did the same thing for Dave's birthday. Whoops.)

Maggie got to be front and center for the action.

Kelly, Meade, Pike

Dan and Logan

Emily and Lael

Joey, Sion, and Emily.
And Rogan.

Dave and I aren't really in any pictures, but we were there, too. Obviously.

It was a good time. We made tacos with all kinds of toppings. And of course there were chips and salsa. Delish. :)

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