Thursday, January 15, 2009


The tension and fear in the air over the economy is so thick some days. It has been like that lately even in my home. (Although it's probably my self-created tension that I experience solely on my own. Dave doesn't worry about much.) I find myself wondering, what will we have to do to make ends meet if the worst happens? Dave and I both have our jobs right now, thank the Lord, but every day I hear about more and more people being let go all over. It's scary.

A friend of mine shared some words yesterday that really impressed me and touched my heart. I want to share them with any of you who may be suffering or are simply very worried during these times:

"Well, what I told [her mom] is really have minimal control over the economy, you can only control how you look at it. That's not to say I suggest running out to a casino and throwing away 5 grand, or that I don't recommend budgeting and being smart with money. But, knock on wood, should you or anyone else get laid off...and I hope with sincere hope that doesn't happen to you or anyone else really...but instead of seeing it as a total disaster, I think people need to see it as God bringing them a new opportunity to learn from and grow from. Sure, times will be tough until they find a new job, but maybe the new job is God's way of bringing them more happiness or bringing someone into their life that will teach them a wicked valuable lesson. It's not a great situation to go out and celebrate, but I think people need to be more open to what God's bringing into their life, rather than what they see as Him taking away."

I thought her perspective was so amazing. It really woke me up and made me realize I have no reason to be worried or anxious. God's got a plan. We just need to keep that in mind at all times. Whatever happens, God is in control.

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  1. Belatedly ... thank you so much for your visit to my blog a week ago or so! You mentioned a book on Boundaries ... I haven't read that one, but it sounds like something that would be a good fit for me right now! :)

    Hope you are having a good week!