Monday, January 26, 2009

My Grandpa and Weekend Pics

My grandpa (Dad's dad) had a quadruple bypass open-heart surgery today. I was praying a lot. Thankfully, God brought him through the surgery ok and he's now recovering. I was definitely a little on-edge today until I got the confirming phone call from my dad. But he called me a little while ago and said everything is fine. I'm so relieved!!

On another note, I wanted to share some pictures from this past weekend, so here they are:

On Friday night, as I mentioned I was going to, I went line dancing with Kristin and Julie. It was so much fun!! I'm hoping it will start to be a more regular outing.

Julie, me, Kristin

Saturday I went to the bridal shower for my wonderful friend Jenn Hadra who moved out to California for her now-fiance. It was good to see her and I got to eat some yummy food. :)

Jenn opening her gift from me and with her beautiful rehearsal bouquet.

Amy Williams and me just chillin' :)

Me and Jenn

Many of you know that we've had fire-bellied newts and red-eyed tree frogs since last May. Well, sadly, both of our tree frogs suddenly got sick and passed away this last week. Dave and I really have no idea what happened...they were fine and then they were gone. Luckily, though, I happened to take pictures of the last tree frog Saturday just hours before he passed away. He even seemed fine while I was taking these pictures. It makes no sense. :(

Finally, just a couple pictures I took last night. I really like the one of me and Rogan.

Maggie sleeping on her dad

Kisses from the wifey


  1. Kara, I'm glad your grandpa is doing okay! Grandpas are precious commodities and I sooo miss mine...he passed away in 1982.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your blog looks like you have lots of fun times. :) My brother lives in Raleigh!!

  2. I had a little tree frog that was suddenly sick like that. He was my class pet at school. I think he was trying to eat a cricket and it landed on a big piece of bark or whatever is in those tanks for them...and picked up the cricket and the bark. He obviously couldn't digest the bark :(