Friday, January 23, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 01.23.09

It's Company Girl Coffee day!

I think I am going to start posting trivia every Coffee day from a book Dave and I got for Christmas..."The World's Greatest Collection of Fun BIBLe TRIVIA." (I copied the capitalization of the letters just as they appear on the cover of the book...odd, huh?)'s trivia question is:

TRUE or FALSE: Children have angels in heaven who always have access to God.

I would like to also share that I may have broken the record for the greatest number of Small Things points earned in one day, thanks to the wonderful shoe Small Thing yesterday. I rallied in my husband to help me and collected...drumroll please....24 PAIRS of shoes!! Yes, that's right. We had 24 pairs of shoes sitting by our front door. Ridiculous? I do think so. :) And there are only two of us!

Tonight I am going line dancing with some friends and I am soooo excited. One of the local bars, City Limits, provides free line dancing lessons at 8 o'clock on Friday nights. I stay for the dancing and leave before it gets routy, and I just love it. I grew up doing a lot of dancing...mostly tap, with some jazz, hip hop, and ballet mixed in. To this day, dancing lifts my spirits so much! So that will definitely be the high point of my day.

One last thing I wanted to share was a song I was listening to this morning in the shower. It's a song by The Afters that I had played at our wedding reception. The words made me tear up this morning, taking me back to my wedding night. This song just really makes me think about the love in a you're united, to be there for each other through thick and thin...swimming through each others tears and holding onto each other even when love is a raging sea, as the song says. Love is not always wonderful and easy...but it's big enough to make it through...and that's why I selected this song for my wedding reception and why I want to share it now. :)

God bless!


  1. You should read my posting on marriage. It is under the title Little Crooked Boy. And I'm not sure about the trivia question. Do we have to wait until next Friday to find out? I'm going to say false.

  2. Love, love love the song! I can see why you chose it for your wedding. I'll have to write that one down for a future small thing theme song :)

    I want to know the answer to the trivia question, too! That's so MEAN to make us wait!! Now it will bug me.

    I'd love to take dancing lessons. Not sure my two left feet would participate, but it would be so fun!!

  3. I'va always loved dancing, but am not very good at it. No one else would want to watch me either. Thanks for inviting us over.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Kara!

    Puppy is doing a little better, she's got mange, so we're treating it. Thanks for asking!

  5. Thanks for visiting and your kind words. Hope you had fun at your dancing.