Thursday, January 22, 2009

Points are my motivation

I am a points person. I will do about anything if I find out I can earn points for doing it. Points are simply a great motivation.

And you know what's crazy? Oftentimes, the points earn me nothing tangible or valuable in the end. I just like points. Weird.

My current activities that earn me points are the following:

Every day I log on to track my food consumption, physical activities, and glasses of water that I drink. They all get me points. Then this little graphic "trophy" on my homepage changes as I earn more. This point earning process motivates me much more than many of the motivational articles that the site provides (which, surprise, you get points for reading).

BlueCross BlueShield BluePoints
I get this great point earner program from my health insurance. Every day I log on to record my physical activity and the number of fruits and veggies I eat. I've found myself scarfing down many more fruits and veggies since starting the beginning of this month. I have to eat 5 fruits or veggies 5 out of 7 days of the week, or I don't get any fruit/veggie points for that week. Strict! I know! And bonus: these points actually lead to prizes!! I'm currently thinking about getting some headphones (by taking a health analysis I got a whoppin' number of points very quickly), but I'm also contemplating saving all my points until the end of the year and getting something super duper. We'll see.

Company Girls - Small Things
Company Girls is a group of women who log onto the same blog daily (written by Rachel Anne Ridge) to find out what "Small Thing" they will do that day to make their home more of a sanctuary for their family. get points for doing the small things! And Rachel Anne is even so nice as to provide prizes for the points. Isn't that sweet?? Once again, I'm always super excited to participate. I've started a Google doc to keep track of my daily points. It's quite motivational.

So...maybe points aren't your thing. But if they're not, you should figure out what is. And then stick to it. Because it can help you achieve a lot!! I'm getting more in shape, I'm eating healthier, my house is getting more organized, and I'm less stressed! It's pretty excellent, I must say.

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  1. GOOGLE DOC! Wow, girl! I'm impressed!! :) I feel I should make my point system more complicated now.