Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just Sorta Fixed car definitely looks a million times better from the outside. But we've got some issues.

1. There is a splatter of grayish material (it looks like paint) covering the driver's side mirror and the front grill.
I'm not sure what this is, but it did not come off when I tried to scrape it with a fingernail.

2. The windshield wiper is still missing.
Remember that wiper that flew off? Still gone.
(Btw, remember how I thought the other wiper bent? Turns out that's actually how the wiper is made, now that I took a closer look. Takes a bit away from the awe factor, huh? Oh least I can still say that one of the wipers flew off from the magnitude of the impact. ;) )

3. The driver's window doesn't work...sometimes.
On my way to work Thursday, I pulled into the Starbucks' drive thru only to discover that my window did not function. I tried hitting the child lock but it made no difference. Awesome. I pulled out of line and had to go inside to order. Then last night, I rolled down my window to say something to a friend, and from the passenger seat Dave was like, "Wait, I thought the window didn't work?" I was like, "Oh! It didn't before!" (Which of course now has him doubting my ability to gauge the functionality of a window.) So now I'm not quite sure what's going on with that.

4. The car is off balance or something.
When I drive slow, I can hear a "ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump" that sounds like the car isn't balanced correctly. That's gonna have to be fixed.

5. The tire pressure monitoring system isn't functioning.
The tire pressure light started flashing on my way to work on Thursday. I looked up the driver's manual online and it said that if the light flashes, that means that the monitoring system isn't functioning (meaning my car cannot tell if the tires are properly inflated and will not warn me if one is low). I did a walk around my car the old-fashioned way to make sure the tires all looked like they had air in them before driving again. :)

That's all I've noticed so far. Of course, the problems with the electric connections for the window and the tire pressure system have me a little concerned about the reliability of the other repairs. How am I supposed to trust that my airbags will deploy if necessary if the window and tire system aren't hooked up correctly??? It's not like I can give the air bags a test run.


Dave's taking the car to Carmax today to get an estimate of what it's worth now. We might use it as leverage for the insurance company to show them how much money we lost in the wreck. Then Dave is taking the car back to the body shop while I'm out of town this coming week. So hopefully when I return home next Monday, the car will be functioning properly. We shall see.

It's all in God's hands.

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