Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Hope This Isn't Goodbye

This past Thursday afternoon, I was on my way to visit my friend Casey and her newborn son in the hospital when an older man ran a red light and t-boned me in an intersection.  Thank the Lord that Krewson wasn't with me, and I am fine other than some airbag damage to my arm and abdomen and a little stiffness.  The Altima, on the other hand, didn't fare too well.  It did a good job protecting me, but it's pretty banged up.  Dave and I are still waiting to hear if the car is totaled.  I am praying not, as I loved that car and Dave put a lot of time into finding it for me.  I've only had it since this past fall.  I will be pretty heartbroken if it's gone, but at the same time I am fully aware that it is just a car and I am so thankful that it gave me the protection that it did.

Clearly, I couldn't get out of the car on my side. I climbed through to the passenger's door.

Four of my airbags deployed.

I was going the opposite direction when I was struck, but the impact spun my car around.

The final result, after towing.  Notice that one of my windshield wipers is bent in half from the impact, and half of the other one is simply gone.  I'm assuming it flew off.  So crazy.

I really really hope the car is salvageable. However, ultimately, I want to thank God for the following:

1. I am safe with only scrapes and minimal stiffness.
2. Krew was not with me.
3. The cop was incredibly nice.
4. The man who hit me was incredibly nice.
5. A witness came back and supported my story.
6. I had a loving husband who dropped what he was doing at work and came to the scene immediately.
7. None of my belongings in my car were damaged.
8. Dave still took me to see Casey, Jason, and baby Ronan at the hospital.
9. We still had time to make it to the airport and catch our flight to Orlando.

God really had His hand in this situation, protecting me. All thanks go to Him. :)

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