Monday, June 20, 2011

I WON!!!!!!

Oh my goodness gracious, the impossible has proven itself possible.

You know how you will see giveaways online, and they always have like 300 entries of people trying to win, and you're like, what's the point? No way I'm going to win.  So you just move on and don't bother to enter?

Well, that's usually me.  Then this past week I decided to go ahead and enter a giveaway that had a ton of awesome photography prizes.

And guess what.

I WON!!!

That's right! I was one of three winners out of 280 entries.  Absolutely crazy, right???  I am so so so stoked.  And this wasn't just some little giveaway for a small prize or giftcard.  I won a TON of stuff.

You can see all my prizes here:
I won the first pack. 

I just cannot believe it.  I can't wait to receive all my goodies.  A lot of them are props for newborn photo shoots...I'll be anxious to start using them on my friends' babies. :)

Woo hoo!!!

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