Sunday, June 5, 2011

And so it begins again...

Every summer, ultimate frisbee season kicks off with a local recreational tournament called Kudzu. It's usually a lot of fun, with most of Dave's frisbee-playing friends all on a team together. Last weekend was the tournament, and Dave's team won for the third year in a row. :) Go Third Wheel!! Not surprisingly, I have a lot more photos of the kiddos playing on the sidelines than of the games. (Ok, ok...I actually didn't take a single picture of a game. Whoops. Guess that's what happens when you're running around after a toddler.)

Third Wheel

Playing with Uncle Danny.

Already following in his daddy's footsteps.

Curious about ultimate frisbee?
You can read a very basic summary of it here:
And a quick run-down of how a game works here:

This weekend and next weekend are tryouts for Dave's travel club team Ring of Fire, then the practices and tournaments start.  We'll see how many tournaments Krew and I make it to this year.  I love going, but all the traveling is really tiring.  Especially when I have to pack for a toddler.  Whew.

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