Tuesday, June 28, 2011


(pronounced "dee OH gees!!")

I know that I tend to focus on Krewson in my blog most of the time, and so I thought it was about time I give our dogs Maggie and Rogan (our D-O-Gs, as Dave and I like to affectionately call them - see pronunciation guide above) a little blog love and attention.  After all, they were our babies for a long time until Krew came along.

And really, they are pretty much the cutest and sweetest dogs in the whole wide world.

(I know every dog owner says that about their own dogs, but just humor me and agree.)

I mean, check out those sweet faces.

Oh yes, they are the sweetest things ever.

They let Krew do whatever he wants to them. Smack them, scream at them, poke them, pull their tails, pull their fur, grab their mouths, do full body dives onto them unsuspectingly (resulting in multiple scary moments for a not-quite-quick-enough mother)...

...and of course love on them with cuddles and give them ridiculous amounts of food. :)

I really couldn't have asked for better dogs.

I love my Maggie and Rogan!!

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