Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Follow Me!

I finally broke down and added "Followers" to my blog. I really think the whole "Followers" thing is silly, but seeing as how others will base whether or not they'll choose you to do a giveaway, a review, etc. on the number of followers you have, I figured I better add it in. Of course now it looks ridiculously low because I've never provided it as an option before. Awesome. :)

Sooo...if you really love me...and feel like you'd like to be a follower...just head on over there --> to my sidebar and start a followin'...

God bless!

*** Conveniently, just after this post went live, I looked at my blog and the followers gadget doesn't seem to be working. AWESOME timing. So if it's not working when you look over there, maybe check again next time you visit the blog. :) ***

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