Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why you should not carry a Starbucks giftcard in your back pocket.

Why should you not carry your Starbucks giftcard in your back pocket?

Because when you're staying late at work to try to finish up a never-ending project to meet a strict deadline of tomorrow, the giftcard might decide it wants to be the icing on your cake-of-a-day and while you're taking a much-needed pee break take a diving plunge into the pee-filled toilet.

Yes, that's right friends. I just had to stick my hand in the pee-filled work toilet to rescue my Starbucks giftcard.  After which I made a mad dash for the sink to scrub both my hand and the card in scalding soapy water.

But I had to do it.  No way I was taking a chance of that toilet sucking away my Starbucks money.
I heart Starbucks.


  1. haha! Oh I would have done the SAME thing!! Funny story!

  2. Haha - hilarious. I've only done that with my phone and work badge. Go coffee your sorrows away :)

  3. Oh no. Just don't tell the barista. =p The daughter of a former coworkers had that happen to her cell phone. No pee in the bowl at the time though. Luckily. How much was on the card? =p