Thursday, February 10, 2011

Should I be proud of this?

I recently received the following email from Starbucks...

How did I become a gold member of Starbucks, you ask? Oh, only by spending an insanely large amount of money there. I had to purchase 30 drinks (resulting in 30 stars) using registered Starbucks gift cards. Granted, a large portion (more than the majority) of those purchases were made using gift cards not loaded with my own personal money, but still.   That means that my family members and friends were spending their money on Starbucks for me because they knew I'd rather have Starbucks money than a gift card to, oh, say, the mall.  Because really, who needs new clothes, jewelry, or shoes?  I mean, seriously, you're talking to a new (although getting past the new stage) mom here...I don't need to look pretty.  I need to STAY AWAKE.

So yeah.  Official Starbucks gold member, right here baby.  Now maybe you understand why I'll go toilet diving after a Starbucks gift card.  Because not only do those Starbucks gift cards provide me with yummy coffee drinks and alertness, but I get to look forward to that pretty gold card and attached perks that will be arriving in my snail mail box any day.

(Feel free to ask me how to participate in the Starbucks rewards program if you want to and don't know how!)

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