Saturday, February 5, 2011

Babyhood: Week 48

Babyhood through the eyes of Krewson...

Week 48 (January 28th through February 3rd)

* Grandpa John and Grandma Teri came to visit me on Saturday, and I was excited to see them!  We hung out with Daddy and Uncle Danny while Mommy went wedding dress shopping with her friend Kristin.  Then when Mommy got home we went out to eat at Ale House for dinner.  Yum yum.  
* I started pretending to talk on my play phone while we were out to eat, and everyone thought I was oh so cute. :)  I would hold it up to the side of my face and lean my head over like I was listening to my friend on the other end.  It's so fun to learn how to do the same things as Daddy and Mommy!  (Especially when they give me lots of attention for it. :) )
* Mommy helped me slide down my first slide this week!  Sunday it was super warm (for January), so she and Daddy and Uncle Danny and Maggie and Rogan and me went on a walk to the elementary school right next to our neighborhood.  Mommy and I played on the playground while the doggies ran around and Daddy and Uncle Danny threw a frisbee.  I thought the slide was ok, but it was a little staticky and neither Mommy or I liked that.  I mostly just stood and held onto Mommy's finger while I watched Daddy and Uncle Danny look all cool with their frisbee skills.  
* Daddy and Mommy decided this week that my first official words are "this" and "that".  (About time they figure it out!)  I really like to say "dis!" and "dat!" a lot while I point at things.  It's lots of fun because when I say "dis!" or "dat!" then they tell me what I'm pointing at so I can eventually grow my vocabulary to more than two words. It's very considerate of them, ya know.
* Speaking of speaking, I also say something along the lines of "hello" when I'm in my crib and I'm awake and ready for Daddy or Mommy to come pick me up.  It comes out sounding more like "EHOHEH" or something like that, but in any case Mommy and Daddy say "hello?" back and then they come into my room and get me.   It makes me super happy.  And I think they much prefer "EHOHEH" over my usual screams.  They don't like screams much from what I can tell.
* On the days that I'm home with Mommy I've started taking really long morning naps.  I usually fall asleep between 9:30 and 10:30 am and sleep for 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  Mommy loves it.  She says she can't believe how much she can get done while I'm sleeping.  (I personally don't think I'm that time-consuming when I'm awake, but whatever.)

Bath time!

Wearing my hat that Granny made me.

Out to dinner with Grandpa John and Grandma Teri

I was keeping tabs on Rogan for Mommy while we were at the playground.

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