Sunday, February 13, 2011

Babyhood: Week 49

Babyhood through the eyes of Krewson...

Week 49 (February 4th through February 10th)

* I started walking by myself with my push walker this week! One day out of the blue I crawled over to it, grabbed it, and started walking.  (It's a bit of a choppy, hunched-over walk, but it's a walk nonetheless.) Mommy and Daddy were shocked. I think it's so much fun. I'm not very good at steering yet, and I walk it into the wall a lot of the time. Then I stand there and whine until Daddy or Mommy comes over and helps me out. Then I continue on my way until I hit another wall. Then I whine. Then Mommy or Daddy comes to the rescue. And so it goes. It's great fun.  And I don't think Mommy and Daddy mind helping me out when I hit walls, cuz they seem to be super psyched that I'm walking.  (Regardless of the fact that it's choppy and hunched-over and toy-assisted.)
* I started sitting Indian style this week.  It's my new favorite way to sit.  Of course, my little legs are still so short that my Indiana-style consists just crossing my legs at the ankles.  But 9 times out of 10, if I'm sitting, I'm sitting Indian-style.
* I turned 11 months old this week! You can check out my 11-month post here.
* I may have mentioned this previously, but I love to share my food with Maggie and Rogan.  Especially Rogan, since she's always by my side.  This week I decided to be nice and try to spoon-feed her my slobber while I was sitting in the living room with her.  But she didn't want any of it.  I thought maybe she didn't understand what I was trying to offer her, so I just kept trying to shove the spoon in her mouth over and over.  Much to my dismay, she wouldn't even open up her jaw.  She just kept tossing her head side to side and I followed her with my little fist wrapped tight around the spoon.  It did no good...she didn't want it.  So sad.
* Mommy moved my blue chair into the living room this week and boy do I love it!!  I sit in it all the time now.  In fact, even when she moved it back out of the living room, I still went and sat in it.  Sometimes I sit in it to watch tv, sometimes I sit in it while I play with a toy, and sometimes I sit in it just to sit in it because I think it's awesome.
* This week I decided that I love the outdoors.  Whenever Daddy opens the back door to let the doggies go outside, I try to crawl out after them.  Sometimes he lets me crawl out and play a bit on the back porch if it's warm enough.  But whenever he brings me back inside, or if he doesn't let me go out in the first place, boy I get mad.  I usually scream and cry. A lot of times when he holds me, I point my little finger at the back door, and he knows that means, "Take me outside!!!!!" Sometimes he obeys, sometimes he doesn't. Mommy thinks my love for the outside will be a good thing since I will be outside a lot to watch Daddy play ultimate frisbee this summer.  I think she's right.

Longing to go outside.

In my blue chair! The best chair ever!

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