Thursday, January 27, 2011

New name?

So I'm thinking of purchasing my own domain so that I can remove the ".blogspot" from my blog address.  It's only 10 bucks per year through Google, and the whole ".blogspot" thing annoys me sometimes.  But now comes the super tricky question...what address to purchase???  I wanted, but it's already registered.  I also thought about or, because that's the number of hours we *should* have in a day to bring glory to God.   Both taken.  Tried (KarasnOKE) (and because Dave says Coke is least to me...) but it's also taken. (one of Dave's pet names for me).  Taken. is available, but I'm wondering if that's too generic and boring??

My other rambling thoughts have covered something about "one step at a time", or something else about 16 hours, or something else using my name or initials...although I don't really want my name to be blatantly broadcast as my web address, ya know?

Thoughts, anyone??

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