Monday, January 17, 2011

Master Bedroom Inspiration

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Yesterday I attended a free Pottery Barn class (pictured above) with my friend Sam, which focused on decorating your master bedroom.  Here are some of the instructions and tips that were given:


* The layers they use on their Pottery Barn beds (and how they look so fluffy and inviting):  mattress, then feather bed, then fitted sheet, then flat sheet, then blanket or quilt, then duvet cover with two duvet comforters inside.  They also cover their beds with three or four different types (rows) of giant pillows.  (Seems a bit overboard for me - have you ever seen Along Came Polly?? I concur with Polly on decorative pillows - but to each his own.)

* The top of your bedside table should fall approximately in line with the top of your mattress.  It is recommended that all bedside tables have at least one drawer for hiding unmentionables (the instructor's example was eye cream).

* If you have a room with a low ceiling, a low bed with a smaller headboard or a platform bed is best.  If you have a room with a tall ceiling, a bed with a large, high headboard is best.  (This makes intuitive sense once you think about it.  But I'd never thought about it.)

* There should be at least 2 feet of clearance on both sides and the end of your bed for optimum comfort and ease in getting in/out of bed.

* Pottery Barn recommends using white or ivory sheets for all your bedding, so you can simply and easily change the pillow shams and duvet cover to completely alter the look of a room.  (We have black.  And I like black.  Oh well.)

* It's ok to mix white and ivory in your bedding sets. (Who woulda known.)

* When decorating pillows with shams, if the shams tie together on an end of the pillow, that end should face out.

* When choosing sheets, consider both thread count and the type of cotton.  The higher the thread count, the thinner the cotton threads have to be.  If your sheets have a high count but are made from cheap cotton, then the threads will be too weak and your sheets will quickly become damaged.  (She didn't offer much advice on what cottons are cheap and which are expensive.  Although she did say that Egyptian cotton is a great cotton and it's what all the Pottery Barn sheets are made from.  Of course.)  She did say that she would not go below a 200 count.

* When placing objects (mirrors, pictures) on the wall above the bed or dresser, allow at least 6 inches of space on the wall between the two.

* When choosing bedside lamps, consider whether you want a mini lamp or a larger lamp based on what you'll be using it for.  If you plan on reading in bed, you would probably rather the light come from up high than down low.


That's about all I can think of off the top of my head without going through a bedroom.

At the end of the class, we all got a coupon for 10% off the purchase of anything that had been mentioned in the class (minus furniture).  We were also asked to fill out a survey, at the bottom of which was a box you could check to sign up for a complimentary in-store personal design consultation.  (After a little deliberation I checked 'yes.'  I wouldn't mind at least hearing their advice.)

And then I had a Pottery Barn giftcard burning a hole in my purse, so I decided to purchase (from the clearance rack) the giantest candle in a glass vase you ever did see. (Ok, I lied.  There was actually a larger one.  I bought the medium size.  But the larger one would have required me to go more than $5 over the amount of my giftcard, and I didn't think my hubby wanted me spending our hard-earned cash on humongous candle.  As it was, he thought the one I brought home was unnecessarily large.)

So did I enjoy the class? Yes.  Would I pay for it? No.  (Which is probably why it's free.)  Would I attend another class?  Yes.  They offer them on different topics all throughout the year.  Only problem is, they are on Sunday mornings.  Which means I have to miss church, which isn't cool.  So it will probably only be an occasional thing for me.  But all in all, it was a fun experience. :)


  1. Good tips!

    I just love PB. I went shopping there this weekend. Can't get enough of it.


  2. That's the bedding that T and I registered for! We love it!!!

  3. That's the exact bedding that T and I registered for! Pottery Barn is my favorite place!!!

  4. I am SO glad you took these mental notes, and I'm very impressed you didn't write any of that down (that I saw at least). I couldn't remember a couple of her examples so I'm glad you posted this! I do love that bedding!

    Oh, and I love the big fluffy pillow look (but not too many small decorative pillows). On our bed, we had the two that we actually sleep on, and then two decorative pillows with cases that match the bedding. I was given Euro shams as a wedding gift that match our bedding so I wanted to use those. I went to Target yesterday with my mom and they have Euro pillows for $9.99, which is the cheapest I've seen, so I got those with a gift card we had! Now our bed is complete!

  5. This was a FANTASTIC article!! I have always wanted to go to one of those classes, but as I serve in church also, am never able to go! And I so desperately LOVE the fluffy duvet look, but also refuse to pay ludicrous amounts to get it! So I am DEFINITELY going to try the two-duvets-in-one-cover thing--especially since Target has some pretty decent ones: full/queen size, down-and-down-alternative blend, with the box-stitching, super soft material--all for $35!!! Such a great deal and even buying two is still cheaper than buying one of the more expensive ones (which don't look any fluffier to me than the cheapies!) Super great article, thank you!!!! ~Jessika Newquist, CA,