Saturday, January 15, 2011

Babyhood: Week 42

So I realize that I (Krewson) experienced Week 42 of my life like several weeks ago, but I am running a little behind on my updates.  So sorry. :(

I have - I think - four weeks to catch you up on, but instead of slamming you with a blog post that will take you the rest of the current day to read, I am going to do each week on its own over the next few days.

So here ya go.  Catch-up post #1.

Week 42 (December 17th through December 23th)

* I had Christmas with my Grandma Teri and Grandpa John on Saturday, and they brought me lots of neat stuff.  I also got some great gifts from my Great Granny.  I had such a giant pile of presents!! It was so fun!
* This week I started liking to share.  Like when I'm chewing on a block or my Daddy's sweatshirt string or a spoon, I like to offer Daddy a taste.  Then Mommy.  Then back to me.  Then Daddy.  Then Mommy.  Then me.  And I giggle and giggle because I know how much Mommy and Daddy like sharing with me like that.
* I started barking like the dogs this week.  When I hear them bark, I get excited and I bounce and make screechy bark noises with them.  Sometimes I use it to call them to me when I'm in my high chair and have some yummies to give them.  (I have to sneak the yummies when Mommy and Daddy aren't looking, otherwise they tell me "no."  Which doesn't mean much, but I'd rather they not use that word.)
* On Thursday of this week we (Daddy, Mommy, me, Maggie, and Rogan and all of our stuff) drove from Cary, NC to Marysville, OH in our new Altima.  It took us about ten hours, which was much quicker than Mommy and Daddy expected.  (It went so quick because I decided to be a nice son and remain quiet or sleep for much of the trip.)  Then Thursday night we stayed with Mommy's friend Jaclyn and her husband, Brandon.

My first of three Christmases, with Grandma Teri and Grandpa John.

My giant pile o' presents!

Granny made me and Daddy matching hats. :)

I climbed in the dog bed all by myself, and was so proud I had to give myself a round of applause.
And then it was time to read a book.

I like to threaten Daddy with paper cuts when he gets out of line.
Hehe my Daddy's so funny.


  1. Love the dog bed ones!! Too cute!

  2. he is so cute! I like the face he's making when "threatening" dave with a papercut. hilarious :). And i also think he's so adorable sitting in the dog bed and then reading a book. what fun pictures!