Saturday, January 29, 2011

Babyhood: Weeks 45 through 47

Babyhood through the eyes of Krewson...

Alright, here is my last catch-up post!  I'm going to fill you in on weeks 45, 46, and 47 so you're all caught up with my life. :)  That means this post will be a little long, so please bear with me... :)

Week 45 (January 7th through January 13th)

* I had my third Christmas this week!  Boy I get lots of love.  It's just great.  Grammie and Grandpa Todd came to visit and brought me lots of presents from them and other relatives who love me.  So there was lots of unwrapping and playing with new toys...and cuddles and reading of books, too. :)  I love all my family!
* This week I signed "all done" for the first time.  Holy cow did Mommy get excited.  She had looked at me and said, "All done?" and did her little shake-the-hands gesture.  I was really sick of the food on my tray and wanted to get down and play with the doggies, so I decided to flop my hands around a bit to tell her that yes, I was all done.  You would have thought I'd actually spoken the words the way she reacted.  It was like she'd won the lottery.  Needless to say, she let me down.
* By this week I'd started getting very good at figuring things out.  Now I can turn on toys, open little drawers, change the TV channels with the remote, all kinds of stuff.  Which of course means I can get into lots more trouble.  Daddy and Mommy started taking the baby-proofing to a whole nother level.
* I climbed all the way up stairs for the first time!  Boy was I proud.  I liked to stop a lot along the way to turn around and look back at the ground and marvel at my distance. Of course this made the climb take longer than necessary, but Mommy was patient.  And sure enough, I made it to the top.  Go me!!

My giant pile of presents!

Reading with Grammie.


Reading with Grandpa.

Riding on my new Radio Flyer bumper car!!

Playing piano with Uncle Danny.

Week 46 (January 14th through January 20th)

* I love to dance to my music now!  I love pushing all the buttons on my toys that play songs, over and over and over.  Then I sit or stand there and bounce or sway.  Sometimes Mommy and Daddy join in and we have a dance party.  It's so much fun.
* I started pointing a lot this week.  It's my new way to talk.  And since I know how to point, I've decided I don't need any other way to communicate. (Yeah, that "all done" sign I learned last week?  Forget it...)    So I point all over the room and Daddy carries me wherever I point and then tells me the name of the item I'm pointing at.  It's so fun.
* I loooove the dishwasher.  I especially like the silverware rack.  I like to pull all the silverware out and let it clank to the floor.  Daddy and Mommy have to watch me closely because sometimes I grab the forks and they don't like me playing with forks very much.  Luckily they don't put sharp knives in their dishwasher (they handwash all of those), so forks are their biggest concern.
* I got my first ear infection this week. :(  I was sounding really congested and was coughing and wheezing a ton, so Mommy took me to the doctor because she was worried about my breathing.  The doc said my lungs sounded fine, and that the coughing and wheezing was from the congestion.  Then she also told Mommy that my right ear was hurting me really bad because it had got infected, also from the congestion.  So for the rest of the week I got to take lots of yummy medicines every night.  I got amoxicillin (twice a day!), motrin, and benedryl. I like taking medicines out of tastes yummy.  So this was like a great treat. :)

Playing with Mommy's curtains.

Week 47 (January 21st through January 27th)

* I discovered Mommy's q-tip container in the bathroom this week.  And I think q-tips are like the best.thing.ever.  One morning I stood there while she was in the shower and I pulled out every single one, one by one.  A few of them I tried to stick in my mouth until Mommy exclaimed, "Not for your mouth, Krew!", and then I dropped them on the floor with the others.  (She's like a spy.  She always knows what I'm doing, even when I think she can't see me.)
* I'm super good at pointing now.  I point at the food I want, the drink I want, the toy I want.  If I want out of my high chair, I point at Mommy (translated: pick me up now, Mommy!).  It's such a handy thing to know!  In fact, I'm so good at pointing, that sometimes it's the first thing I do when I wake up from a nap.  I just stick my little arm out and point, even while my eyes are still half shut.  I am that skilled.
* I'm getting pretty good at standing on my own now, as long as I'm not thinking about it.  (If I think about it, I always start giggling and then I fall. I don't know why, but I just can't help it.)  I also cruise on the furniture to get where I want to go a lot of times.  Mommy and Daddy have had to do even more baby-proofing to keep things out of my reach.  I broke some of their marble coasters this week.  Oops.

That's all till next week!
God bless!


  1. Yay for catching up. Yay for commenting. And yay for the approaching week 52.

  2. What an adorable little boy he is! And growing up so fast! Congrats on such a cutie :)