Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tired of Red, Go Team USA

All of a sudden today I feel tired of red. Any of you who have seen my living room know it has splashes of red throughout it. Well...I've had the splashes for 3 years now (in 4 different living locations) and today I've decided I'm tired of them. I made this decision while I was at work, unable to view my living room. Random, yes, I know. So I think tonight I might go through our living room and try to replace the red stuff with non-red stuff. Maybe a light blue or light green. We'll see what I can find laying around. I'll let you know what I end up with. But hopefully it won't be red. (And my apologies to all you State fans. No worries. Our spare bedroom is decorated in red and has Dave's NC State soccer posters hanging on the wall. :) )

On another note, I feel like I've barely seen my husband at all this week. Both he and I have been gone a lot. Hopefully this weekend we'll get a little QT together. The biggest thing in his life lately (besides me, of course ;) ) has been training for the tryouts for the Team USA World Games ultimate frisbee team. Tryouts are February 28th and March 1st in Sarasota, FL. I'm really excited for him. It's a big challenge. And whether or not he makes the team, he'll always be an ultimate-frisbee extraordinaire in my heart. :)

Just thought I'd give a little showcase of Dave on the field. He's number 18, in case you can't tell. :)

(To see these and other pictures, check out:

Finally, I just wanted to share a Bible verse with you that I write on every one of my to-do lists. It helps remind me that getting through my daily tasks is not of utmost importance. Pleasing God is.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter.
Fear God, and keep His commandments.
For this is the whole duty of man.
- Ecclesiastes 12:13

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