Friday, February 13, 2009

Sproost Style

Ok, to all my Company Girls, scroll down to the post below (or click here) to read my Company Girls post for today. I'm adding this current post because I just discovered something cool that I'm dying to share.

I often quickly flip through the blog posts from the people whose links appear on the right side of my blog. Today's "This Young House" post really caught my eye. It shared the link to a quiz you can take to determine your interior decorating style. The website shows you a picture of a room and you rank how much you like it. Then it shows you another room, which you also rate. And on and on. Now I must tell sort of need to take it several times. At first you will like nearly everything you see (because, obviously, these rooms were designed by people with fabulous innate decorating skills and unlimited funds, and they were photographed by talented photographers at just the right angle to catch your eye). But the more you take the quiz, the more you will start to sense which rooms you prefer over others. Pretty soon you will be thinking to yourself, "Yes...THAT is what I want in my living room...please give it to me NOW!!" (At least that's what happened to me.)

So check it out. Here is my "style" below with my all-time favorite room that I would absolutely die to have (ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration...but I like it a LOT):


  1. Hi Kara,

    Melissa from Sproost here - thanks for writing about us! You are so right that taking the quiz several times makes it easier. Your style combination is a great one by the way.

    We're going to be adding more stuff to Sproost soon - if you want to follow us on Twitter we'll keep you updated. We'll also tweet about great pieces that we think Sproosters will like!

  2. wow, a comment from the sproost people!

    I loved doing taking the quiz, btw! I did it a few times...