Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fashion Show

Here are some pics from the fashion show. I had a pretty good time. I got the closest I'll ever be to owning a Gucci bag (meaning: I got to carry one that may have very well been a knock-off), and I even did a cool drop-thing with it (sliding it from my elbow to my hand between poses) that you can see below in the bottom pic of me. (Notice the purse is mid-drop. Apparently the photographer caught me at my switch between poses. Hence my weird standing position.) The room was pretty full, so I hope that they collected all the money they were hoping for to put toward the scholarships. I wish I had some pics of the room and the stage from a distance...I didn't realize the photographer was only going to take close-up shots. Ah, oh well. Enjoy the pics. :) All photos taken by Eugene Cottrell from EPiC Photo.


  1. A natural. =) Will they let you know how much was raised?

  2. Gorgeous! I had to look a couple times to pick out which one of the beautiful girls was you!

    What fun!!!