Friday, April 15, 2011

For the Mommas and the Daddas - 1% Change 4.15.11

A couple days ago I read this post over at (in)courage that I really liked, titled "I Can't Do It".  It spoke of being a parent, and how we struggle to know what's best for our children and we worry about making mistakes.  And the whole point was that we cannot parent our children perfectly because we ourselves are not perfect.  My favorite quote from the post was the following:

Lead them to Him, because he is the only one who can teach and train and love and heal and comfort perfectly.  We can guide them to Him, and love brokenly in the meantime...

Let Him be the perfect parent, while you love brokenly.  Oh if I could only remember this.

Going along with this, my 1% Change for this week (although a bit late) is to work on remembering my role in this whole parenting gig.  God has blessed me with this child to raise, but my child is not really my own.  He is God's, and God is his perfect parent, not me.

I am going to work on memorizing the following:

God is the perfect parent.  I am to love brokenly.

Check out the full (in)courage article here and check out 1% Changes over at Naptime Diaries here.

And have a blessed weekend. :)

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