Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday Krew and Ellie had their first Easter egg hunt together.  I was really quite impressed...Ellie was all about it, and put the eggs in the basket just like she should.  I didn't think Krew would have any idea what to do, but he went straight to the eggs, surprising both Dave and me.  He didn't quite get the whole Easter basket thing, though.  Instead of putting the eggs into the basket after he found them, he preferred to shake them and then immediately pelt them at the ground as hard as his little arm could muster.

Ellie was off to the races

Ellie got a little excited and shook all her eggs out of her basket. Krew helped her pick them back up. :)

Ellie loooooooved the puddles!

Looking forward to the day when he'll be a big boy.

On this glorious day, be sure to remember the real meaning of Easter.
God bless.

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