Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I just love wavy, tousled look with summer hair. It's so natural-looking and attractive. I also love the way such hair looks when thrown up in a ponytail. Simple yet cute.

Yes, I adore hair like this...and yet God blessed me with stick-straight hair. Not an ounce of curl to it. No flip on the ends. No matter what I do, there it hangs. A curling iron only works on the days when the heat and humidity in the air are just right. If not, the second I step outside all the body and curl is zapped away. So sad.

My hair...AFTER using a curling iron. :(

So...last year, for my wedding, I wanted my hair down and wavy. How I was going to achieve this, I wasn't sure. I decided to opt for a perm to give my hair some body. I was pretty nervous, not sure what was going to happen. The last time I'd had a professional perm in my hair (in elementary school), it had completely fallen out within two weeks. Yes, that's right. Two weeks. My hair probably could have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Surprisingly, however, this time the perm held. And to top it all off, it made my hair very versatile. If I blow-dried it, it came out stick-straight again. If I air-dried it, it looked fairly straight with a slight wave. If I put hair products in it, it remained wavy. It was pretty sweet. It also enabled my wedding hairdresser to give me the curls I wanted on my wedding day (see below). (We'll disregard the fact that my bridesmaids had to re-curl chunks of my hair numerous times in the hours leading up to the ceremony.)

So...a year later, I decided it's about time to get another perm. The top half of my hair has been untouched and the lifelessness of it is getting frustrating. Yesterday I left work early for an appointment with Lauren (my hairdresser...the only person I trust with my hair). I let her work her magic, and 2 1/2 hours later I emerged with wavy hair once again.

I think I look like a grandma nun.

My hair today.
Not super curly, but wavy enough to give me some variety.
And I'm very grateful that I can just blow-dry it and it will come out straight again.
Yay for Lauren, and yay for perms.
(And please excuse my unmatching necklaces. I forgot to take one off this morning, hehe.)


  1. That's great that the perm will give you the wavy look you like, and you can still have it straight too if you so desire. As one who has naturally curly hair, I would tell you it's not a bed of roses! Sure, it holds curl well, but if you want it straight it takes forever to straighten it - and regardless of straightness or curliness, you better hope it doesn't rain and isn't humid, because it'll cause you to get that lovely frizz. Probably any hair type has it's issues, I suppose.

  2. Hey Kara, thanks for asking about my holes. They are feeling terrible! The left side feels fine, and I can even chew on the left side, but the right side just aches constantly. It's unbearable unless I stay drugged up with ibuprofen. I took more than the recommended dosage yeterday, but I was in terrible pain! I don't know what's wrong with it, because I don't think it should be hurting that bad after this many days. I have a follow-up appointment with my surgeon on Friday, so I'll ask him then. And until then, I still have my Vicodin if I become desperate.